A 150 word story I wrote for the prompt, ‘I will meet you in five.’ It was a contest conducted by Writersmelon. 


Mrs. Williamson was sitting blindfolded on the rickety garden chair. Lisa, her attendant, had taken her out to the greens and had tied a cloth around her eyes, much to her annoyance. 

A loud ringing sound caught her attention. As Lisa untied the blindfold, Mrs. Williamson was in for a surprise. The laptop in front of her had come alive with the images of her 4 children, their spouses and 10 grandchildren all singing in unison, “Happy birthday to you!”

Happy tears flowed down her hollowed cheeks, and she broke into a wide toothless grin. 

Loud bubbly voices brought a festive cheer defeating the gloom. The joyous octogenarian cut her cake and celebrated her birthday with her loved ones. 

The contagion has created physical barriers between people, but no contagion can ever be strong enough to create barriers between loved ones.