A Phobic Story

by Chandra Sundeep
A Phobic Story

A Phobic Story

I wish I was an author, but sadly it’s just a fanciful thought… cos I have graphophobia, a phobia of ABCs. I am not afraid of all 26, but just this tiny odd guy following ‘D.’ It’s my arch-rival. This phobia is a big strain on my writing pursuits, but I know I can find a way out.

Nobody but my shrink knows how critical my condition is. My family shrugs off my toils as imaginary. But I am not faking it. On any occasion, I spot my arch-rival, my stomach churns and dark clouds whirl in front of my orbs. I try to stay away from it as much as I can.

Luckily, today I lit upon a fascinating writing prompt to craft a story without my rival and I am giddy with joy. I am gonna do it!

Thak, thak, thak! A rhythmic clack rings in my room as I put my thoughts into words. “Ah, what a fabulous story! Jury will fancy it to bits.”

I am about to submit my story, and sadly, bad luck hits again.

Now, if only I could kill this just-found phobia of hashtags!


I wrote this 200 word story for a monthly writing challenge conducted by Beyond the Box. The challenge was to write a 200 word story without using the letter “E”
‘A Phobic Story’ received a 2nd prize.

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