Cook to Impress

by Chandra Sundeep

“I’m bored! Can we play?” Snowy purred, settling on my lap.

“Dude, I’m busy right now. Amaira is coming today. I wanna make something special.”

“Ooh… you want to impress her?”

“Duh! Why else am I reading these cookery books?”

“That’s a good thought. But you do remember what happened the last time you cooked?”

“Um, you mean when I baked for Rita?”

“Yes! I turned black with soot,” Snowy hissed, “and then there was the Karachi Halwa incident with Cynthia?”

“Don’t be mean. It was an honest mistake.”

“You want me to believe that? A grown man can mistake Sriracha for food colour?” Snowy rolled his eyes.

“Whoa! I didn’t know cats could do that!”

“Ahem. We are smarter than what you humans think.”

“If you are really that smart, tell me how to impress Amaira.”

“Simple. Order online, pretend you are the chef!”

“Will she fall for it?”

“Of course. Order a dish whose recipe she can find in these books.”

“You are impressive man!”

“Thanks, but I would still like to be addressed as a cat, not a man! Can we play now?”


Snowy flashed his irresistible smile, and I forgot all about Amaira, food and recipes.


This 200-word story received a Jury Special Mention at the monthly contest conducted by Beyond the Box, an online writing platform.

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