The Fall

by Chandra Sundeep

‘Anybody got a knife?’ Melonie shrieked, ‘I wanna kill somebody!’

‘Drama queen! Calm down first! Remember, deep breath and count till 10?’ an unperturbed Jamuna replied.

‘I can’t! My insides are turning redder.’


‘Fine!’ Melonie grumbled, taking a deep breath.

‘Now tell me, what’s making you so angry?’

‘Not what, ask who?’

‘Ok, who?’

‘Mangostereena, who else!?’

‘What has she done now?’

‘I was napping in my basket. Out of the blue, she hollers to me, advising me to lose weight. It seems being over-weight can be disastrous. But, imagine a skinny water melon!’

‘Ignore her. She’s a lunatic. The other day she told me to apply a curd face-pack to lighten my complexion!’

Jamuna’s reply sent a hilarious Melonie rolling down the shelf, ‘Ha ha! A bleached jamun!’

‘Melonie!’ Jamuna screamed in horror, but by the time Melonie slowed down, it was too late.

She had fallen off the shelf!

With bated breath, Jamuna scurried towards the ledge. A winking Melonie grinned wide–instead of the floor, she had landed on a basket of Mangosteens. Under her lay crushed the Queen of fruits.

‘Uh-oh, disastrous, yes, but not for me!’ Melonie chuckled. ‘Sorry, but not sorry, love!’


This story received 1st Runner Up in monthly contest held by Beyond the Box. The prompt was “Weave a story/scene in which one or more key characters are food items/edible.”


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