by Chandra Sundeep
Book cover Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia

Aarohi is the debut work of author Anupama Dalmia.

It is an inspiring and emotional read. The author has addressed a sensitive topic which plagues our society and yet is rarely talked about. She has handled it with the required sensitivity, all the while maintaining a suspense as one doesn’t know where it is heading. 

The story begins with a chance encounter between two girls, Aarohi and Anusha at the badminton court. In no time, the author seamlessly transcends the innocent friendship into a mysterious search for the missing Aarohi. The suspenseful read culminates in an unexpected, sad yet rewarding ending. 

Love, trust, friendship, happiness, and guilt weave this story together. 

Sharing a few beautiful lines from the book, which will remain with me for long…

Though I don’t know what it is, just out of experience I can say that a lot of times we tend to assume a lot in relationships and build notions in our head which may not be true.
Everything comes at a cost and sometimes, the cost is so enormous that it takes away the core of your being.

Aarohi is an engaging, quick read.

 Wordsopedia rating 3.8/5

Title: Aarohi Author: Anupama Dalmia
Publisher: Amazon Publication date: February 12, 2018
Genre: Fiction Format: E-Book
ASIN: B079SH2HHW No. of Pages: 14

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About the Author

Anupama Dalmia is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, Blogger, Content Writer, Mentor, Choreographer. She is REX Karamveer Chakra Award (Silver) and Global Fellowship awardee. Apart from having written a novella, she has also contributed two anthologies. You can know more about her at Facebook.

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