Once Upon a Reunion

by Chandra Sundeep
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Once upon a reunion by Nithya Sashi is a fast-paced light romantic novel with a tinge of suspense.

The editor’s note sets the perfect stage for this book. What keeps us going in life, when we cannot forget our old memories? Will there ever come a time when we can overcome our first loves?

These lines perfectly describe the turmoil of our protagonist Nirmala, or Nimmi; a 40plus Indian woman living in Chennai with her husband Sreenu–a guy with many quirks. Happily married, yet she cannot forget Suresh, her engineering college classmate. The memory is unforgettable for many reasons. He was her first love; with him she experienced her first kiss, and first lovemaking. An invitation to attend a reunion breaks open the dam of forgotten memories, and she finds herself drowning in the deluge.

Sreenu is the supportive partner who knows about her past and understands her predicament regarding the impending reunion, but encourages her to attend the reunion. An unexpected event on Sreenu’s professional front brings out the dark shades in him. The change totally came out of the blue and was surprising to say the least. Thankfully, it’s a temporary phase, and he soon becomes the supporting and loving husband he is.

At the reunion, Suresh’s murder brings a twist in the plot. An investigation reveals shocking facts.

The story arc has been handled extremely well, except for a few places when it felt rushed. I absolutely loved the way the story ended. Leaves the reader curious and craving for more!

My only dissatisfaction in the book relates to the part where Sreenu slaps Nirmala. Despite portraying her as a strong modern working woman, the author has depicted stereo-typical behaviour wherein the woman blames herself for her husband’s violent outburst.

Also, the cover could have been better, and does no justice to the story.

The characters are relatable and well etched, and show a progression along with the story. Also, the flawless language and striking narration show the author’s prowess at storytelling.

It’s a wonderful amalgamation of romance, erotica, friendship, and mystery.

Thank you @Blogchatter and @writernithya for the book.

Wordsopedia rating 4/5

Title: Once Upon a Reunion Author: Nithya Sashi
Publisher: NK & Co., Chennai Publication date: February 3, 2019
Genre: Fiction Format: eBook, Paperback
ASIN: B07NCHLVCB No. of Pages: 266

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About the Author

Nithya Sashi is an author and book reviewer from Chennai. She lives with her human family and three fishes. To earn some paper currency, she slogs at a day job creating e-learning courses and manages to balance her remaining personal time between her various writing engagements, her husband, and their fishes, in that order. She has written 2 romance titles and several short stories. One of them, Kalyani, got shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story award for the year 2018.
Once Upon a Reunion, is her third fiction and first literary fiction title.

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