Tales from Moonlit Hearts

When love lights up the spark within...

by Chandra Sundeep
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Tales from Moonlit Hearts is an anthology of seven short love stories by Soumya Bharathi. Romantic stories are usually sexy or exciting, but these stories are warm and mushy, capturing varied hues of the emotion called love.

Having read her poetry compilation last year, I had high expectations from Soumya and she has not disappointed me. I enjoyed reading this book. She has complete control over the narration. Her writing is good, and the majority of the collection is captivating.

Even though this is a work of prose, the poet is still at work! All the stories begin with appealing verses that set the perfect mood and tone.

Chasing Butterflies–3.7/5

The first story revolves around attraction. It’s a sweet and straight-forward story of the narrator finding love in an arranged marriage. The premise is not new, but Soumya’s treatment makes the story endearing.


In this story, the author explores longing. The emotions are well expressed, but the mention of timelines at frequent intervals didn’t add value to the story. It might have worked in a longer format, but here it was a distraction.

A thousand little flames–3.9/5

Here, the protagonist’s passionate love, desire, and grief are brought to life. Though it is a well-written story, I didn’t quite like the “hero.” His character sketch bordering on that of a stalker didn’t feel quite romantic to me. Of course, the “heroine” thinks otherwise!

This is my favourite line from this story

Her permanent companions had always been her books and her poetry. Books kept filling her cup of passion, and poetry kept draining it.

Moonlight diaries–4.1/5

This is another story with a distinct mention of days. And surprisingly, it works well in this story. Unexpected circumstances bring a middle-aged unmarried man and a widow closer as they explore companionship and friendship. The sketch and back stories of both the characters are satisfactory, and the ending is filled with warmth. I would have loved it if the female protagonist’s son had found a place in their final story, too.

Some questions need not be answered in words. When hearts beat in unison, silence can be an answer too.

Those little things between us–4/5

Comforting familial ties, maturity, and familiarity hold this story together. In this cheerfully optimistic and hopeful narration, the author shares the story of a family and the love that shines brightly in their lives.

A piece of my heart–3.8/5

We travel with the narrator as he ruminates regretfully over his lost love and friendship. With effortless ease, Soumya transitions from the past to the present as the narrator rejoices at finding love again.

Holding on to you, till eternity–4.5/5

This is my favourite story from this collection. The back-and-forth narration works well as Ajji’s story flips between the past and the present. Her love story is warm and touching as it continues, even after a lifetime. Truly, an immortal love.

Never lose hope when people walk out of your life. They just open a door-way for better people to walk in.

The stories in Tales from Moonlit Hearts are short, well-paced, and appealing. Pick it up if you are looking for simple and engaging stories. 

Wordsopedia Rating 4/5


Title: Tales from Moonlit Hearts Author: Soumya Bharathi
Publisher: Kindle Publication date: 6 October 2022
Genre: Fiction–Contemporary Romance Format: Kindle
ASIN:‎ B0BHM83RXK No. of Pages: 84

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About the author

Soumya Bharathi is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, currently on a long maternity hiatus. When not running after her kids and family, she loves penning down her thoughts in the form of a blog, story, or a book. Writing for her is therapeutic and one of the best ways to connect with the world.

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Matheikal October 19, 2022 - 9:02 am

Good review presenting each story in a nutshell.

Chandra Sundeep October 19, 2022 - 10:34 am

Thank you!


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