The Himadripuram Adventure

by Chandra Sundeep
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Set in a fictional kingdom, The Himadripuram Adventure by Sitharaam Jayakumar is a creative blend of fantasy, thriller, adventure, and historical fiction. The narrative abounds with suspense, conspiracies, espionage, twists, and turns, which the author skillfully weaves together.

King Devdutt of Himadripuram is a just and able leader. However, his son, Prince Veer Narayan, the heir-apparent, is callous. He whiles away his time with women and wine, making him an unworthy ruler. Worried about the kingdom’s future, Devdutt requests his trustworthy advisor and chief of Himadripuram Khoofiya Vibhagh, Jagan Mohan, to train Veer Narayan. Jagan Mohan ropes in the services of the royal guard, Vishnu Sarma, and begins training a reluctant Veer Narayan.

Unfortunately, all is not well on the political front either. Rumours of a political coup spreading throughout the kingdom exacerbate the king’s rising woes. Jagan Mohan and his team of trusted warriors embark on a mission to solve the mystery and find the traitors. Thus begins a journey filled with twists and turns, secrets, and unexpected revelations.

Jayakumar has successfully created a world filled with intrigue and charm. The narration starts at a slow pace but soon builds up. The imminent danger of a political coup, the presence of a secret police force, a unique setting, and vivid descriptions make for a fairly engaging read.

I was surprised at the turn of events when an unexpected character turned out to be the villain. I did not see that coming!

However, despite an interesting plot and an adventurous premise, the story fails to be a gripping read. It starts promisingly, but falters in execution.

The presence of too many characters and inconsistent nomenclature was bothersome. I found it difficult to keep up with their names and remember their roles in the story. Jagan Mohan and Vishnu Sarma are well-fleshed characters who justify their presence in the story.

In my opinion, if the author had avoided the mishmash of settings and contextual references, it would have enhanced the reading experience.

The vocabulary is simple and easy to follow. However, there was a lack of consistency in word choice. The non-English words didn’t add much value to the narration.

The Himadripuram Adventure is a promising adventurous tale. The story has its merits, but it could have been more engaging.


Wordsopedia Rating 3/5


Title: The Himadripuram Adventure Author: Sitharaam Jayakumar
Publisher: Book Street Publications Publication date: August 26, 2003
Genre: Fiction—Historical Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788119264032 No. of Pages: 186

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About the Author

Sitharaam Jayakumar is the author of The Krishnapur Kidnappings, Eighty Hours To Save Karen, and A to Z of men and women who excelled in sports. The Himadripuram Adventure is his latest book.

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