When You Can Why Not?

by Chandra Sundeep
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When You Can Why Not? is an anthology comprising 17 short stories. Aimed at enlightening the readers about Indian Laws and Acts, and their legal rights, conceptually it’s a strong book.

Having read many positive reviews, I was looking forward to read this book. But when the author messaged me personally to share a review, the book jumped up from my long winding TBR. As the tagline suggests, this book is truly insightful of the Indian laws.

What went well: –

  • Well researched. There’s a detailed list of all the references at the end of the book.
  • Laws and legal rights explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Stories span across India–offering a wonderful variety of class and issues.
  • The legal explanation at the end of every story–helps tie the stories together.

What could have been better: –

I am not from a legal background, so obviously I shall refrain from commenting on the legal aspects shared by the author. However, as a reader, the book fell short on various parameters.

  • My first issue with the book is with its wordiness. The sentences were too long, in some places almost never ending. They added little value to the stories.
  • There are way too many grammatical errors, tense errors; a major put-off!
  • There was more ‘telling,’ and hardly any ‘showing’ throughout the book.

It is a good read for the legal lessons the author shares. A good editing job would have taken care of the errors. I applaud the author for her intent and efforts; however, proofreading is a professional task and should be best left to professionals rather than trusting friends or relatives for their opinions.

Read this book for the legal knowledge it provides, for as common citizens we are not aware of our rights often.


Wordsopedia rating 3/5

Title: When You Can Why Not? Author: Kavitha Yarlagadda
Publisher: Self-published Publication date: September 3, 2020
Genre: Non-Fiction – Self Help Format: eBook, Paperback
ISBN: 9789354165825 No. of Pages: 145

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About the Author

Based in Hyderabad, India, Kavitha Yarlagadda is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Environmental Science by profession. She has published her first e-book of poetry collection “Profound Thoughts” last year and recently released her second book of short stories “When You Can, Why Not?”

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