Angel In Disguise

by Chandra Sundeep

“Oui ma,” Radha shrieked, pulling the thorn that pricked her bare foot. The streets of Delhi were not only cold, but harsh and unsafe too. ‘Didi, I’m hungry. You promised we’ll eat today,’ Bittu’s innocence tore at her heart. 

“This c-c-coloring book… How much?”

Radha stirred on hearing a child’s voice, “Rs.10,”

“Mummy I w-w-want.”

Radha gaped as his mother brought all their books and gave them a box filled with woolens, toys and food. “Beta, this is my NGO number. Call me anytime.”

Tears of relief and gratitude flowed down Radha’s eyes. Kindness of humans was more powerful than the unseen virus which had snatched their parents. They had indeed found the treasure at the end of the rainbow. 

(Won Jury Special Mention at Beyond The Box)

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