Anna Karenina (Easy Classics)

by Chandra Sundeep
Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina (Easy Classics) is an adapted and illustrated edition of the Russian classic written by Leo Tolstoy. This book is part of the Easy Classics Epic Collection.

Set in 1874, the story revolves around the Kareninas, Vronskys and Oblonskys – three important and respectable families of Russia.

Anna seems to be living a happy life with her much older husband and son in St. Petersburg. But deep inside, she is terribly unhappy. She misses the lively city of Moscow, in which she grew up. The story is about how a chance encounter with a young officer Count Vronsky changes her life.

Since it’s a retelling of a classic, we should not be judging the theme, premise and the character portrayal.

The illustrations by Helen Panayi are bright and cheery. Also, the font size makes it an easy read.

Though this picture book is meant for all ages, I feel it’s not appropriate for younger readers. Adultery and suicide, being few of the key themes, do not make this a child-friendly book. Also, the way relationships are handled in this classic do not send out a positive message about family and love.

Matured readers may appreciate the adaptation, for it’s an easier way of reading the classic (the original is about 900 pages long!) Readers who are interested in reading classics, but are unnerved by their large number of pages might find this a good way to start. In that sense, the adaptation serves its purpose.

Tolstoy’s original is considered as the greatest work of literature ever written. If you are wondering whether the adaptation, bring the original to life? Well, it’s a big no–for it lacks the essence and the magic.


I received an ARC from NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


Wordsopedia rating 3/5

Title: Anna Karenina (Easy Classics) Adapted by: Gemma Barder
Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Publication date: Jul 08, 2021
Genre: Fiction – Children’s, Middle Grade, Teen Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781782267829 No. of Pages: 120

About the Publisher

Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent children’s book publisher based in Leicester. We are a small team with a big mission! We believe that all children should have access to great stories and endeavor to break down the barriers which often get in the way of reading. Proud of our Leicester heritage, we work very closely with the local community to increase literacy rates and promote reading for pleasure.

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