High Heels in the Highlands

by Chandra Sundeep
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High Heels in the Highlands is the fourth book in The Hiverton series. The cover page mentions it to be an uplifting, heart-warming romantic comedy; and it is exactly that!

Ari, Clem, Nick, Paddy and Aster–are the five Hiverton sisters. Brought up in a loving family, the death of their parents under unforeseen circumstances leads to Ari and Clem becoming the guardians for the younger siblings. I simply adored the powerful bond the sister’s share. Each one so different from the other in temperament and behavior; and yet always there for each other.

An unexpected inheritance brings about a change in fortune. From a dirt-poor family, they become Countesses or Ladies–owners of the vast Hiverton Estate in Scotland. Ari, the eldest daughter, inherits a castle after the demise of their maternal uncle. An uncle they never knew existed!

The main protagonist of this cute Rom-Com is Clem. She is not a ‘perfect’ heroine, she has her flaws. Prone to sudden outbursts, reading disabilities, foul-mouthed and yet underneath all her quirks is a kind-hearted person who is helpful and forgiving. She is a talented fashion designer, who is deceived by her boss, Symeon Fransesco. Clem volunteers to visit the Ruacoddy Castle and understand the affairs of the estate. She starts off on the wrong foot with Ottoline Farano, or Otto the Housekeeper, who is rude, judgmental and bossy. The relationship mellows with time, as both learn to trust each other and develop a warm and beautiful friendship.

A visit to the supermarket on a snowy evening turns exciting, as she falls into a ditch trying to free a trapped sheep. And therein comes our hero, Rory Gowan, a local farmer. It is not love at first sight, for he is an awful bearded man who looks dreadful to Clem. But with time their friendship blossoms into love, and a surprising confession by Clem in front of an entire congregation seals the deal.

Clem explores the castle, and a surprise discovery in the attic helps the sisters in coming up with a plan to keep the castle in the family, and not sell it. Everything seems to go well until the discovery of a fake art piece in the prestigious V&A gallery. Unfortunately for Clem, the person who has forged the art piece is close to her, and the idea of turning the person into the cops fills her with dread.

Will the sisters save the castle, and the person involved in the heist?

Exotic locales, terrible weather, friendly yet quirky locals, a fashion show and on top of all – a heist makes High Heels in the Highlands an exciting and delightful read.

A must read for every die-hard romantic out there!

Thank you #NetGalley and #HeraBooks for the ARC. 

Wordsopedia rating 4/5

Title: High Heels in the Highlands Author: Liz Hurley
Publisher: Hera Books Publication date: March 24, 2021
Genre: Fiction – Romance Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781912973569 No. of Pages: 618

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About the Author

Hailing from Norfolk, Liz Hurley started her working life as a Librarian, working across the country and finally settling in Cornwall. Deciding that she wanted more independence and challenges, she then set up her own bookshop and started writing. SCRIBBLES FROM THE EDGE and LOSING IT IN CORNWALL are collections of her columns written for the Cornish Guardian.

She is now in the process of publishing a short history of Mevagissey and a walking guide for the Mevagissey area. Both will be ready this summer. You can connect with the author at Facebook.

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