Trolls, It Is Ira Khan’s Choice.

Buzz Off!

by Chandra Sundeep

Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter, recently celebrated her birthday and posted a picture of her cutting the cake along with her dad, mom, and brother. Big deal, right? Everybody celebrates their special days and many share their pictures across their social media handles.

Unfortunately for Ira Khan, her birthday picture has become the object of vicious trolling.

It is trending all over social media and has become the target of hate-filled comments for one simple reason: Ira’s attire. The young woman wore a bikini while cutting the cake, and this is a crime, according to the egoistic patriarchs hiding behind the safety of their screens. I am certain she is not the first woman in Indian history to wear one!

I was appalled at the insensitive jibes being thrown and random strangers even questioning Ira Khan’s religious faith.

People even stooped low to the extent of criticizing Aamir Khan as an incompetent father and mocking his pilgrimage to Mecca.

Sadly, it was not just the men spewing venom

And this was the icing on the cake!

Really, don’t trolls have better things to obsess about?

How is one woman’s attire responsible for promoting indecency and ruining the culture? Is the Indian culture so fragile that it will crumble because of Ira Khan’s decision to wear a bikini? If so, then it is high time the culture should grow too.

If the showing of skin is the issue here, then how come people don’t find any offense in her dad’s and brother’s bare bodies? After all, they are also in their swimwear! If the choice of dress is wrong, how come it is wrong only for the girl? Why not extend the rule to the menfolk too?

This distinction in the treatment boils down to the misogynist mindset and patriarchal thinking, which has sunk its roots deep into Indian society, making us alien to the concept of free will.

Patriarchal minds buzz off!

I wonder if it is their enormous ego at play or the centuries-old patriarchal conditioning which gives men the ‘right’ to curb women’s free will. Patriarchy has one simple goal—to establish the supremacy of menfolk and suppress free choice of women.

Her choice has little to do with feminism, but a lot to do with equality. When the Indian constitution does not discriminate between men and women based on gender, why is society following a different set of rules?

When will society understand the meaning of “choice” and “personal freedom?” Why does an adult woman living in a democratic country need others’ permission to live life as per her wishes? Why can’t she exercise her choice to celebrate her birthday however she wishes to?

It is Ira Khan’s choice. And no one gets to have a say in this. Period.

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