A mother’s woes

by Chandra Sundeep

Life isn’t fair,

for the scales tip every so often.

Moments of bliss have faded away.

What remains behind are,

priceless memories and

untold agony.

Laughter has left my lips,

there’s a never ending sea of sorrows.

Eyes have forgotten to twinkle

for salty tears

singe my heart

waiting for me to fall apart.

My precious child, very dear to me,

to the ruthless world

is only a fruit of shame.

In the darkness of night ,

heartless hands extinguish her lamp ,

leaving me in deep despair.

With trembling hands

I let her rest in earth’s lap

Oh mother earth, I wail

from one mother to another

my child travels

keep her safe

This burden of guilt

I shall carry all my life

my heart weeps for the life I failed to protect

Forgiveness I seek no more,

for this guilt isn’t only my punishment ,

It is my penance.


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