A Tribute to the God in White

by Chandra Sundeep

A Tribute to the God in White 


Alone, I stood on the brink of death, an unknown virus gnawing me deep within

Gasping for breath, longing for my loved ones,

Every living moment spent painfully in hell.


While the contagion pushed my body into isolation, my heart prayed for freedom

God sent you, His divine loving child. A beacon of devotion and dedication,

Tirelessly you worked looking after the ailing, forgetting your loved ones


In a ward echoing with painful cries, your kindness and compassion was the soothing balm

The face, hidden behind the mask, was of a selfless hero engaged in a war

Fighting an invisible enemy, you bravely took me across the battlefield


Six decades of life I spent searching for the almighty invisible God

A fortnight is all it took to realise, and my search ended.

He is right here. Cloaked in white, you are my guardian angel.


Words fail me as I try to convey my deepest gratitude and love

I bow my head and kneel in prayer,

No way less than the Creator himself, dear Doctor, you are my God, my saviour.


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