A Little Garden of Life and Dreams

by Chandra Sundeep

Nights and days, days and nights;

Weeks, months, and years gave me no delight.

The garden of my womb remained barren

While buds blossomed all around.


Deserted by happiness, tears swallowed me.

Unbeknownst; anger and jealousy became a part of me.

I cried and prayed, prayed and cried,

but the heavens remained deaf, and countless times I died.


Many a time, my wrist brushed against a cold knife.

Nothing could ever fill the void in my life.

Boy, oh, boy! How wrong was I!

I did not know then; love is limitless and vast as the sky.


Happy tears squeezed my heart, filling the void that threatened to tear me apart.

A little shrivelled bundle nestled in my arm; she was all I ever needed,

my lucky charm, my soothing balm.


Holding her close, I felt alive for the first time ever,

The lack of shared genes didn’t make me less of a mother.

The barren garden dances with hopes of a future better.

Strings of our hearts have tied us together.


An innocent gurgle, a frail cry, her fragrance wafting in the room.

At times, I fear that this might all be just a dream.

But every time I look into her innocent eyes; I know for sure,

It was not a dream; it was a dream come true.


This poem received a Jury Special Mention at the January 2023 Writing Challenge on the BTB platform. 

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