The Answer Lies Within

by Chandra Sundeep
when darkness loomed overhead

When darkness loomed overhead

I found no end to gloom, just an endless dread

Sinking further and further down,

I hit rock bottom, finding no signs of lown

Giving in to despair

Hopes flew away afar,

Blanketed in engulfing sadness

Lost I was in a bleak darkness

The respite came as a sign

A signal from the divine

With faith and belief in the supreme

My self-esteem was mine to redeem

The answers were not outside to seek

They were within me, fears many I had to shake

With a renewed vigour I rose from the dark

Determination and focus, the hopeful ray in my path

The path is strewn with hurdles and mysteries

But with self-belief, I can unravel all mysteries,

Falter and fumble I may

But my self-confidence will never go away

None can help those who don’t help themselves

The answers are within, for us to seek ourselves


(Awarded with a Certificate of Outstanding Performance at Asian Literary Society

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