Euphoria – A Dream

by Chandra Sundeep

Euphoria – A Dream

I know the spelling and the meaning

But have never experienced it in being

I wonder how it feels to be euphoric

It would be a moment truly historic

Abandoned and lost, these walls give me shelter

But there’s no love, it’s just a helter

My heart craves for love and longing

How wonderful would be the sense of true belonging

Well-meaning souls come many

Bags and smiles they carry a plenty

They come with cakes and balloons

Even bring a buffoon

We sing, clap and rejoice

On their kids’ birthdays, we search for joys

I know euphoria, for I see it on their face

But deep in my heart, it is euphoria I too wish to embrace

A cake for my birthday is all I dream of

A new toy, new dress and just a little love

It would be a dream come true

The day I can experience euphoria too


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