Forever mine

by Chandra Sundeep

Tears or smiles; rain or shine, 

my mother’s love has been forever mine.

On days dark and weary,

her words made me cheery.

In all of life’s ups and downs,

she held my hands with never a frown.

Rejoice or agonize,

I’d turn to her for advice.

Tides of time have turned,

bones frail, skin now wrinkled.

Holding her hands I count my blessings,

gaining strength from love, the invisible strings.

The mother once I knew is now a child,

seeking support and comfort, with roles reversed.

Thankful I am, for this chance,

to shower her with love from my heart .

Tears or smiles; rain or shine, 

my love has been my mother’s, since forever in time.


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