Metaphors of Memory

by Chandra Sundeep
Metaphors of Memory by Dr Natwar Sharma

Regression therapy focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present state. It focusses on uncovering things from one’s past that may contribute to present physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Metaphors of Memory by Dr Natwar Sharma provides deep insight into regression as a therapy. This book is from a doctor’s point of view.

In the words of the author, “Regression is an alchemical science, helping us to evolve from surviving to living and to loving. Its success depends on how much we are willing to let go.”

The author starts the book with an intriguing quote, “the body never lies. But the truth is rarely limited to the physical.”

It’s a well-researched book, based on facts and real-life cases. The author has shared various case-studies which describe the issues his clients were facing, and his approach towards solving them.

It intrigued me as I read about patients stepping into another realm and finding answers. They went into their past lives and discovered their past identities. Few had been a prince, a beggar, and even a Nazi soldier.

Sharma guides his patients to undertake this journey. The findings are a realization of events which help the patients to face their current difficulties. They provide an insight into the emotions which are fueling the disease.; how their past actions, pain and feelings are affecting the present.

The author claims to have cured his clients of various kinds of physical and emotional disorders; right from fibromyalgia, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, obesity, diabetes and many more. He states, “physical manifestations of disease in our present life can be linked to such cellular memories from the past-”

One may be curious to try PLR, I certainly was. But the author clearly mentions, we should try it only in case of serious ailments; and not to satisfy one’s curiosity.

Certain parts, especially towards the end, are dragging in terms of narrative. The addendum section is quite useful as it answers many queries related to regression.

Metaphors of Memory reveals the mysteries of the mind and the influence of our past and current life experiences on our present behavior. It is a good resource to know more about an alternate form of therapy.

I received a copy from the author for sharing an honest review.


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Title: Metaphors of Memory Author: Dr. Natwar Sharma
Publisher: Westland Books Publication date: March 15, 2021
Genre: Non – Fiction – Spiritual Self Help Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-9390679072 No. of Pages: 198

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About the Author

Dr Natwar Sharma is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Critical Care at Saveetha Medical College Hospital, Saveetha University, Chennai, India. He is a Member of Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH), and has served and trained in the pediatric intensive care of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India.

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