The Fire Within Me

by Chandra Sundeep

Crimson on my lips

a luscious sight.

Bright vermillion dot

a pious sight.

Scarlet bangles tingling 

A musical delight.

Memories of a distant past


Dwindling thoughts,

Rousing fears.

A surge of warmth 

Spills from my eyes

Wrong colour, wrong choice?

Why doesn’t it feel so?

Am I floating in the past or dwelling in the present.


Different chapters,

Different phases,

And yet it is all just me.


The myriad labels

A woman


Crimson, not just desire

But hope

Vermilion, not just piety

But strength

Scarlet, not a fiery rush

But a beacon of light

The lucid white strangles all delight


Don’t place me on a pedestal

Don’t crush me under your feet

All I want is to live.

Live the life I dream of

Have the freedom 

to choose, and

to refuse


I wish to celebrate

By choosing myself 

Not the serene white

But I choose the fiery red

For the fire is within me

Burning bright, radiating all around

Forever and beyond


Published in the March issue of of INNSÆI journal (IJCLPH)
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