by Chandra Sundeep
Airavata by Meera Bharat

Mellow golden streaks formed beautiful patterns on the kitchen floor. It was still the wee hours. Most of the Junglepuram residents were still huddled under their sheets. But not Mrs. Trumpeetha, or Amma to her beloved son Yaanai Kutty. She believed in waking up with the sun, and making the most of the day.


A tangy, spicy aroma wafted throughout the house. Amma was busy stirring the contents lest they stick in the pot. She continued stirring while reciting her morning hymns at the same time.


‘Amma!’ Little Kutty came thumping into the kitchen.


‘Amma, I am scared!’ he trumpeted while blowing tears through his nostrils.

This is an excerpt from my story, Yaanai kutty and Mooshak, that is part of Airavata, a beautiful anthology of short stories revolving around elephants. 

In the publisher’s swords, “we wanted to see “an elephant,” in different shades of prosperity. When we imagine an elephant, our hands take the form of the trunk and we sway with grace, flushing out the happy hormones and letting the neurons within us to dance. Whether it’s in our school days or as a parent, I think most of us love to share stories related to an elephant. The very mention brings out not the gigantism but the grace of carrying our mind and body gracefully, just like an elephant. Hence, Pachyderm Tales and Mayaakatha joined hands with writers and storytellers around the globe to create this beautiful anthology.”

Airavata is a collection for every child and the child in you…

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