by Chandra Sundeep
Cover picture of Pegasus

This is not just another made-up story. This story is real. A story not of humans, like you, but of the residents of Simple Woods.


Have you been to Simple Woods yet?


It’s not a one-horse forest. Rather, it’s gigantic and rich. It is far, far away from the city lights, about 30 degrees north of the equator. It’s heaven on earth. Are you familiar with latitude and longitude?


This is an excerpt from my story, Thetis at The Miniatures Masters Show, which is a part of this wonderful anthology called Pegasus.

This collection features stories by 11 writers. Each and every story is a perspective by the writers giving it 11 different shades of stories on Horse.

This is my 2nd anthology with Pachyderm Tales and Mayaakatha. One of my short stories, “Yaanai kutty and Mooshak,” was a part of their Airavata project. The stories in Airavata revolved around the mighty elephant. 

Grab your copy of Pegasus on Amazon.


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