Disobedient Girls

The Story Project Book 8

by Chandra Sundeep
Cover Picture of Disobedient Girls by Tell Me your Story

I have already broken Abba’s rule.


A police station is a dreadful place to be in, especially for a girl, Abba always says. He despises policemen with all his being. Vile, distrustful fellows, he would spat with fury, warning his daughters to stay away from their shadows.


I never asked him for the reasons behind those claims, and now, I might never know them. I believed every word Abba said.

This is an excerpt from my story, Book Bride, that is part of Disobedient Girls, a powerful anthology of short stories published by TMYS

As Snigdha Basu, the editor says, “Disobedience is sometimes the only way, for any marginalized person to subvert olden power structures that clip our wings. The Story Project 8 launched by www.tellmeyourstory.biz was an attempt to celebrate all the fearless, brave and outspoken women who refused to obey unfair practices or comply with such demands. It takes time to bring a change. A collective effort of challenging and disobeying the limiting thought structures can put a wheel in motion. May this anthology serve as a written record of our strife for a change.”

This is my 2nd anthology with TMYS. One of my short stories, “The Value of Nothing,” was a part of their Moolah! project. 

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