Beyond Verses

by Chandra Sundeep
Beyond Verses by Beyond The Box

Beyond Verses, A ‘Beyond The Box’ anthology is a collection of 16 thoughtful and emotional poems. These poems were finalists at conVERSE—Beyond The Box’s poetry slam event.

What makes this anthology unique is the fact that all the contributing poets are children! An illustration, which is apt to the poem, accompanies every poem. Even the illustrator and one editor are children.

I am amazed at the creativity and maturity of the poets here. The verses are so profound and emotionally penned, it’s hard to believe they are all written by children, some even as young as 9!

Every poem is noteworthy and has a distinct appeal. There are deep lessons hidden in the verses.

‘The Little Guitarist’ is a wonderful ode to the spirit of never giving up.

‘Allow Me To Be A Child, For A Little More While’ is an honest appeal from a child to let her enjoy her childhood.

‘The Scribble’ is a heart-warming poem about the challenge every writer faces.

‘Awaken’ is undoubtedly the most intense poem in the collection. The young poet draws a remarkable analogy between Sita, Draupadi and the woman of today.

‘I Feel All Alone’ brought tears to my eyes.

‘Light Years Away’ depicts the pain of living on after having lost a loved one.

‘Fears’ reminds the reader that only we can overcome our fears.

‘Speaking My Mind.’ – Trying to ‘fit in,’ is a battle we face every day. This poem teaches us a valuable life lesson—a pride in not being one of the others.

‘How Old Can A Writer Be?’ shows the power of the pen, and how a writer impacts lives.

‘I Wonder Why’ is a cute little poem about the questions kids ask and wonder about.

‘I Wish’ is a poem filled with hope and optimism.

‘The Dragon King That Drank Too Much Water’ a prose poem is about a dragon king who refused to give up and fought for his rights. A lesson for all us mortal beings, too!

‘The Life Of Anne Frank’ is a dedication to the brave girl.

‘My Trip To The Grocery Store’ will take the readers into the aisles of Walmart!

‘A Beautiful Thought’ is a dreamy verse of a rendezvous with one’s thoughts.

‘We Woman’ is for every woman out there who wants to be heard.


Beyond Verses is a short collection, but surely a memorable one. I would recommend it to all for two reasons. First and foremost is that it is really a commendable collection, and secondly, to encourage and motivate budding poets.


Wordsopedia rating 5/5

Title: Beyond Verses Author: Various
Publisher: Beyond the Box Publication date: August 10th, 2021
Genre: Fiction – Poems Format: Kindle
ASIN: B09CDGB2YW No. of Pages: 45

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