My happiness lies within me

by Chandra Sundeep
Szilvia Basso

A trembling leaf

Threatening to fall off 




In the blink of an eye

And yet it holds strong


A tender caress

Loving words

A gentle kiss

The nectar to a parched soul


The leaf is me

On the threshold

Swaying between 

Life and death


Vulnerable I was

Naive and trusting

Not seeing the face 

Behind the farce





Bruised body

Dampened soul


Cracks and scars

Hidden from the world

Unhealed, unforgettable

Yet, I arise

Choosing life over death


Lessons learnt 

With shattered trust

Compassion kindled

With every scar gained


Not weak

But stronger


Now wiser


But undefeated


My tears 

Not a sign of powerlessness

But of the rage

Building within

Challenging me beyond comfort


My silence doesn’t make me weak

Or meek

It is my superpower

It is my inner strength


Letting go of the past

Learning to trust again

Tread with caution

Rosy or thorny paths

I shall walk in them all


Battered yet courageous

Lost but undefeated

Like a phoenix, I rise

From the ashes, from the dust


Desires unfulfilled

Dreams unlived

A life to live

Find my happiness

Not outside

For it’s all within


First published on AMP as a featured post for the month.

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