There’s beauty all around

by Chandra Sundeep
Karen Emsley

Nature’s music, a wondrous delight

gurgling brooks or thunderous clouds

lion’s roar or the twitter of birds

there’s beauty all around


Nature’s palette, an artists’ dream

scarlet skies,or blue seas

ochre earth or lush greens

there’s beauty all around


Nature’s canvas, a treat to the eyes

rugged terrains or tropical delight

dewy grasslands or mountains touching the skies

there’s beauty all around


Nature’s fragrance, a balm for our hearts

woody cedar or citrus fresh

no scent like petrichor, ever

there’s beauty all around


Nature’s touch calms the soul

mellifluous waves or vast expanse

there’s beauty in sound, beauty in silence

there’s beauty all around


In nature’s lap is calm, comfort, inspiration, and delight

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

all it needs is a heart which cares

there’s beauty all around


(Won Certificate of Outstanding Performance at Asian Literary Society)

(Image Credit – @kalenemsley)

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