A second chance

by Chandra Sundeep
Element5 Digital
The lucid moon whispers sweet nothings
Silvery sparkles she showers upon me
A tingling, a blessing, a streak of hope.
You deserve better, my love,
Let go, she urges
Yet my blanket hugs me tighter
In her embrace is the solace
I yearn for, the lost love I crave for
In her bosom I find comfort
Tumultuous teary river she absorbs within
I loved you with all your heart,
desiring never to be apart
Unseeing the web of deceit,
Ignoring the swarm of lies
Till the devious treachery swallowed me
And you left, shattering a part of me
Let go, wash the dust off your soul
The crystal stream pleads
Holding my hand, uplifts me
A serene calm fills my heart
Painful memories lost amidst the clouds
Cradled in a golden lap
From rock bottom to sky-high
Broken pieces become one
with the mist
Woeful tears I leave behind
Unclenched fists, open heart,
A second chance at love
Loving myself, forgiving myself
And a desire to find love again,
The true everlasting love

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