Tea With A Drop Of Honey

by Chandra Sundeep

Fweeeeeet… a whistle escaped my mouth as I sashayed into the bride’s room. She looked resplendent in her maroon kanjeevaram* saree. With intricate gold bangles, bold red bindi* and aromatic jasmine flowers, she could easily give film star Rekha a run for her money!

These are a few lines from my story ‘Unforgettable love’ which is part of this soothing collection called ‘Tea with a drop of honey’

This anthology has twenty-eight carefully curated stories from the everyday walk of life; simple stories of ordinary people, like you, me, and the person next door. Some stories will bring you joy, and some will evoke happiness; some might be bittersweet and will make you cry. Some will then compel you to look for magic, because what is life without a wee-bit of magic in it. But we assure you, all these stories will show you that life is indeed beautiful.

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