Lockdown Diaries

My COVID Experience

by Chandra Sundeep
Lockdown Diaries: My COVID Experience

Lockdown Diaries: My COVID Experience is a collection of prose, short stories, and poetries written by over 100 participants. 

March 2020 was when the world was in a panic with COVID-19 becoming an outbreak, infecting millions of people killing more than a hundred thousand. Poetry Planet, a publishing house, planned to come up with an anthology which would be a record of our experiences in the face of the grave epidemic.

It is extremely humbling to be a part of this global collection, which is a record of all the tears we shed, the anguish we suffered, and the little joys which gave us strength to carry on. 

The half dozen boys living with us were fresh off the boat, lacking in age and experience. Few of them were as young as my siblings. These youngsters had left their homes in search of better opportunities.

Sharing a few lines from my story ‘Lockdown Diaries’ which found a home in this treasured collection. 

Lockdown Diaries: My COVID Experience is available in both paperback and kindle.

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