Women vs We Men

by Chandra Sundeep
women vs we men Impish Lass

Women and Men; both created with love and joy

Harboring myriad hopes, dreams and desires

And yet unique in their being

I wonder where did we go wrong

How did the scales tilt in favor of one?

While the other continues to suffer in silence,

This women’s day I raise my voice

Not just for me, but for all my sisters

Who have endured it all since forever in time…

These lines are from my poem, Why is it a battle of sexes?’ which has found a place in this powerful anthology Women vs We men. This anthology explores the significant issue of gender divide. Why is it okay for men to open a door for a woman? Why can’t it be the other way around? Who gets to decide the norms? When will we break the stereotypes? Gender equality is a fundamental right. To change the imbalance, we believe it is important to address this by taking collective action by women and men alike.

Written by various authors, edited by Vaishali Chandorkar and Shubham Dasgupta, this anthology comes from the home of The Impish Lass Publishing House.

Women vs We Men is available as paperback and ebook on Amazon.

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